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Typically our assessments follow a predictable format as described below for Adults.

However, we understand that everybody is different, and we are always happy to discuss modifications to the process if needed. 

Initial Discovery Call

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What is it?

Online video consultation to explore your background and to ascertain whether further assessment would be useful.

How long is it?

60-90 minutes

What does it cost?

£200 (Cost deducted from assessment cost if full assessment is agreed)

What is provided?

A written summary of the discussion and agreed next steps


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To find out more about the guidelines and tools that we use click here.

Please note that we are a Psychology led service.


As such, we are able to diagnose ADHD and to make recommendations regarding environmental strategies and approaches that can be helpful to manage day to day life.


However, we are not able to prescribe medication. If a diagnosis of ADHD is confirmed and you would like to consider medication alongside other approaches, we can signpost you to appropriate services.

Feedback & Report

What is it?

Feedback session in which the clinical rationale for the diagnostic outcome is shared, and recommendations made regarding next steps.

How long is it?

Approximately 60 minutes, either online or face-to-face, depending on preference

What is provided?

Comprehensive report outlining assessment process, evidence for diagnostic decision and recommendations regarding next steps.

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Post Diagnostic Support

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For further information on post diagnostic support options if a diagnosis is confirmed, click here.

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