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Postdiagnostic Support

For many people, the diagnostic or discovery process is just the start of the journey - which is why we offer support sessions for both children and adults.

Sessions can be offered either online or face to face, depending on your preference. We will always try to be as adaptive as possible, for example by adjusting the environment in line with sensory preferences, or incorporating movement into sessions.


Our sessions are offered by an experienced Clinical Psychologist and are priced at £100/ hour.

They can be booked on an ad-hoc basis, as and when required, and can be used in a range of ways as outlined below:

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Adjustment to Diagnosis

(for both children and adults)

Everybody’s response to diagnosis is different.

There is no right or wrong response; it is a very personal process.


Having mixed emotions, or feeling different things at different times, is common.


Many people report feeling a sense of relief or happiness because the diagnosis has helped them to make sense of things and they recognise neurodivergence as part of their identity.


Other people report feeling frustration, confusion and even a sense of loss when looking back over their life from a different perspective.


Talking through your thoughts and feelings in a safe and supportive environment can be helpful.

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Increased Understanding

(for both children and adults)

There is a huge amount of information about neurodivergence available online and in books, podcasts etc.


We will signpost you to good sources of quality information following your assessment. However, some people benefit from 1:1 sessions to provide more tailored information and support.


Useful topics can include: 

  • Executive functioning

  • Supporting emotional wellbeing and minimising episodes of meltdown/ shutdown

  • Masking/ camouflaging

  • Energy management and reducing risk of burnout 

  • ADHD management


Education sessions for children are completed in a fun way, incorporating practical and creative activities, and their own areas of interest.

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Parenting Sessions

Many parents benefit from having a supportive space in which they can reflect on how they are parenting and supporting their child, and learn more about what may be helpful.


Useful topics can include:

  • Low demand/ low arousal approaches

  • Managing demand avoidance

  • Supporting emotional wellbeing and minimising episodes of meltdown/ shutdown

  • Managing transitions or significant life changes, e.g. transition to secondary school or university

  • Developmental trauma informed approaches

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School Consultation

Where appropriate, we are able to offer consultation sessions to schools or other settings, with the following aims:

  • Increasing awareness of neurodivergence

  • Supporting thinking around how a child or young person’s needs can best be met within the school environment

  • Supporting thinking about adaptations and reasonable adjustments that can be put into place to support the child or young person

Please note, we are not able to support directly with Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) assessments but can provide you with sources of good quality information to support you to navigate this process.

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